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Yabancı Writerların Siteleri - Alıntıdır...

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Yabancı Writerların Siteleri - Alıntıdır...

Mesaj tarafından Gangcore Bir Çarş. Haz. 10, 2009 3:06 am

Taklit edip sketch yapmak isterseniz aşağıdaki sitelere uğrayın derim bakarak çizmek başta çok işinize yarar...

Skont LN Group- Graffiti, artwork & design..

Banksy is Britain's most celebrated graffiti artist, Banksy shows off and explains some of his best work. Graffiti pictures from outdoors, indoors, short films of his work, cuttings and exhibitions in New York.

We here @149st have made a modest attempt to encapsulate the graffiti history. In addition to witnessing history first hand, we have spoken directly with many participants. We have chosen the medium of the Web over print due to its flexibility..

Graffiti artist Cantwo displays his graffit work on walls, canvas, sketches and street art. Site also includes guestbook and a selction of graffiti wallpapers for download.

Stick Up Kids
Stick up kids - Graffiti world wide. documentation of the well known graffiti crew SUK. Members include : Atom, Atel, Bomber, Can2, Cask, Cider, Daim, Dato, Desk7, Dmote, Gawki , Husky, Kent, Kewen, Mate , Mind, Persue, Punker, Romeo, Rowdy, Roze, Rosy, Seemsoe, Shark, Skena, Tasek, Toast, Wow, Zora.

Work Horse Visuals
LG bringing you graffiti action from all over London. Within this web site, you will find sections to upload your own artwork (under viewer), you will find a discussion board to air your thoughts on (under forum), and you will find the newest graffiti art work from the workhorse collective.

Seen World
Godfather of graffiti - Seen! - The site your about to view will take you through years of graffiti artist Seen's life. Going back in time to 1970's & the 1980's - Site includes Graff images, walls and trains, panels, whole cars, trailers, throw ups, tagging & graffiti art and style writings.

Alexandre Orion
Home of brazilian graffiti artist Alexandre Orion. Who has collaborated as an illustrator in many major brazilian art publications. Official site displays his provocative, subtle graffiti art work. Also check out Alexandre work illustrations from exhibitions.

Mak One
The godfather of scottish graffiti - Makone started his graffiti career in the late 70's and early 80's by putting up 'mentions' in his area in Glasgow, with the name of the young team or gang attached. Check out Mak Ones graff work. Site includes Graffiti images on walls, tattoos, sketches, the fck crew, & lots of graffiti art.

Zephyr Graffiti
Zephyr Graffiti was create as a forum for the free exchange of energy, ideas and unrestrained creative impulses. Site includes Graffiti images from many top graff writers and artisits. Also subway graffiti, freights, trains, walls, tags & yards. Graffiti article list & blackbooks.

Loomit Graffiti
The homepage of graffiti artist Loomit - Graffiti at the beginning of the 3rd millennium - Site features graffiti pictures on walls, canvases, and Loomits latest travels.

Subway Outlaws
Excellent graffiti site exploring the history of graffiti with stories from graf writers, canvas pics, burners, outlines, tags, throw-ups graffiti events, and graffiti products such as caps, t-shirts etc..

Graffiti art and design by graf artist Astekz - London. Site features murals, sketches, latest projects, digital work & canvas. Also purchase graffiti prints of Astekz work.

Urban Damage
Graffiti and clothing from graffiti artist Kelzo from Manchester, England. browse online graffiti gallery featuring canverses, walls, graffiti on vehicles & commissioned work.

Tats Cru - Here you will fnd many chapters of their color filled graffiti careers both as artists and as professional muralists. This web site was designed to introduce there graffiti artwork to the masses both and new alike.

Wooster Collective
Wooster Collective - A Celebration of Street Art. Includes favorite graffiti artist, galleries, graff images submitted by visitors & interviews with some of the best know graffiti artists on the scene.

123 Klan
Home of graffiti artist Scien & Klor. Flash based site with some amazing graffiti art work. Check out the stickers section, productions and post your own graffiti.

Invisible Made Visible
Street art & graffiti images: Invisible-made-visible an online street art image collection of urban art photographed in and around East London - UK.

Urban Soldiers
Urban soldiers are a group of graffiti writers and artists.The crew consists of Rulo, keke, krudel, sermon, fil, & 3tx crew. Check out the crews latest spray can art work & graffiti pictures on canvas, walls, trains & subways.

Michael Tracy
Graffiti artist Michael Tracy, AKA Tracy 168,
one of the original creators of the art form called "graffiti," studied at the institute of Higher Learning, better known as the Lexington I.R.T. His canvas was the subway car and his pallet various cans of spray paint. .

New York City graffiti represented truly from old school to new school. one of N.Y. 's top graffiti sites. bringing you the best flicks, graff links, aerosol culture, graffiti sketches, graffiti styles and the best eye pleasing propaganda.

Graffiti Art Site - FatCap is an international graffiti portal which presents many french and worldwide pictures of graffiti, sketches, walls, subways, trains, vandasl, hip hop culture.

Duncan Cumming Graffiti
This web site showcases graffiti photos from Scotland (especially Glasgow and Edinburgh graffiti), and anywhere else I can get to. So far that includes London, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Brussels and Barcelona. Graff!

Mark Bode
When the first graf writers in NYC began tagging in the 70's, they drew Bode characters. Artists such as Seen, Dondi and Mare 139 paid tribute to Vaughn with such pieces. From there, it became a worldwide trend to use Bode characters on trains & murals. Check out some of Mark Bode's work.

Klark Kent
Graffiti Artist Klark Kents personal web site. featuring many graffiti images from the archives going back to 1997, blackboard, and downloads.

Guerilla One
Urban culture, graffiti pictures, graffti artists, trains, tagging, walls, throw ups, live rap music, on-line art galleries, graphic design, photography, and video clips.

Metal Man Ed
Metal Man Ed creative sculpture with a graffiti flare, ED takes metal and makes it the hottest sculptures around town. seen, iz the wiz, and crash are just some of the people that own ED's work..

Eko System
Graffiti portal - Worldwide Graffiti, street art galleries, graffiti writers, pictures from walls, trains, tags, subways and links.

Blade King Of Graff
Graffiti Artist blade king of graff featuring graffiti photos, paintings and exhibit information from a New York graffiti artist.

Tag Page Graffiti
Korn1 old school graff from the streets of amsterdam features graffiti pictures of subway art, trains, graff art on walls, streel scrawl, images gallerys, graff of the day and more.

Aerosol Talent
Aerosol Talent Graffiti art site showcasing the best in graffiti art from around the world. lots of free graffiti pictures.

Third Decade
Third-decade is a group of like minded creative graffiti artisits professionals. Each artist specializing in their open media type.The team consider themselves open minded, friendly and creative and pride themselves on customer care.Creativtiy and attention to detail.

Twisted Minds
Twisted Minds aim is to document street culture and graffiti from a wide angle. Including updated monthly photographs of the best graffiti, street culture & B-Boyism from in and around London, also be reporting on any street culture/graffiti related products, clothing, exhibitions, and events as they happen.

Insa Land
Graffiti Art - Artist Insa showcases his graffiti work including graffiti on vehicles, canvases, productions, and shop to purchase limited edition Insa goodies.

Digital Dose
Graffiti Art - New york city Graffiti writers acid, abot, 9volt, amaze, ao, beck , bagz, spraycan art, tagging, bombing and more graffiti artists.

Drunken Fist
Graffiti Art - Rob Larsen's DrunkenFist.com. It's like getting stuck in the novelty section of the ice cream aisle, there's just so much to choose from. Personally, I go for those nut/chocolate covered vanilla cones. Man those things are good. Graffiti pictures all the way!!

Graffiti Artz
Graffiti Artz from germany, with a huge selection of street graffiti art work, graffiti tags & much more - Graffiti Madness!

Sie Proj
Side Proj - massive Urban Graffiti site - We love this site to the max!

Urban Nightmares
Urban nightmares :: A visual collection of urban artists, the Urban Nightmares collective site samples many new and interesting forms of art and graffiti from the UN crew.

Sickret Code
Writing, bombing, tags, graffiti pictures, flops, throwups ::::GRAFF:::: and much more.

End Station
Endstation - Works in Europe and Sweden in particular. Images of trains, walls, and other graffiti works, new graff image submissions accepted. [Sweden - Europe]

Mac Crew
The MAC posse has been created in Paris in 1987. Nowadays the posse is composed of seven active members: Alex, Juan, Kongo, Lazoo, Orus,Peej and Pwoz. The crew is motivated in producing mural paintings and worldwide promotion of graffiti. Developing many different diffusions of graffiti, the MACrew acts for a new way of integration of graffiti in the City and the freedom of expression.

X2 Project
Web site devoted to promoting graffiti as an art form. With graffiti pictures, Interviews, graff supplies,urban graffiti, book reviews, video reviews, real video, and tons of graffiti related stuff.

Style Scout Graffiti
Innovative graffiti styles on trains and walls from Berlin and Europe.

Aerosol Mannerism
Aerosol - For many writers the vehicle is the writing on the wall - and this guy defiantly knows how to drive!! Flash based Sketch site, browse thru this artist collection of personal sketches, characters, burners and lots more check his work out!

Obvious To Some
Graffiti Web Site - Original Thrill Seekerz. on The Scene. Openly Twsited Society.

Signal Project
Since its formation in 2002 Signal graffiti has developed and managed graffiti art ventures from large-scale, multi-agency projects to exhibitions, workshops and one-off events throughout London.

Graffiti Art - New York Urban graffiti Art :: graffiti, Meres, NY graffiti.

Vop Stars Crew
Vop Star Graffiti Crew includes four UK based members: Mear, Dane, Stylo & Solo One. Visual Orgasm Production was born in 1988 and quickly became one of the most prominent graffiti crews in London. Each member has has distinct specialist skills that make up their individual styles.

Strreet Stickers
Street Stckers a collection of 600+ photos looking at the graphics, art & messages that dwell in the city streets, decorating dustbins & giving life to lamposts..

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Geri: Yabancı Writerların Siteleri - Alıntıdır...

Mesaj tarafından startwo Bir Salı Haz. 23, 2009 5:03 am

kardesim paylasim icin saol ama bence turk writerlarin siterlerini verin


Mesaj Sayısı : 47
Kayıt tarihi : 23/06/09
Nerden : almanya/adana/mersin

Kullanıcı profilini gör http://www.myspace.com/starapc

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Geri: Yabancı Writerların Siteleri - Alıntıdır...

Mesaj tarafından sabreone Bir Salı Haz. 23, 2009 5:50 am

Dediğin doğru yeni başlayan biri can2 nun sketchini ölse taklit edemez Very Happy

Mesaj Sayısı : 63
Kayıt tarihi : 17/06/09

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Geri: Yabancı Writerların Siteleri - Alıntıdır...

Mesaj tarafından Gangcore Bir Salı Haz. 23, 2009 10:18 am

alıntı olduğuna yazdm öle snde site yazdnn için tşk.

Mesaj Sayısı : 179
Kayıt tarihi : 05/06/09
Nerden : Bronx

Kullanıcı profilini gör http://graffitiart.yetkin-forum.com

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Geri: Yabancı Writerların Siteleri - Alıntıdır...

Mesaj tarafından tagcrew09 Bir C.tesi Eyl. 12, 2009 1:00 pm


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