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Yabancı Giyim Siteleri - Alıntıdır...

Mesaj tarafından Gangcore Bir Çarş. Haz. 10, 2009 3:09 am

Mükemmel eşyalar var bir kaçına göz gezdirdim. Belki ilginizi çeker.

Dirty Smart
Dirty Smart Tee's! Dirty Smart’s clothing is all influenced by ‘Electro House’ music. The designs all have quirky twists, spark controversy and are outrageous. Even the labelling is intricately designed. The Dirty Smart clothing range is exclusively sold online (via www.dirtysmart.co.uk) and there are only 2,500 units of each design created.

Urban Dubz
Urban Dubz sells exclusively made T-shirts. All tee's are made from high quality fabrics, light weight and 100% combed cotton, made in the UK. The foundation of the urban clothing label is the music, and will always be that. Urban Dubz is characterized by Dirty beats, Dark, melodic basslines and uplifting, feel good vocals.

Contagious Clubwear
Contagious clubwear provides designer clubbing clothes and accessories via thier online store designed for the serious clubber / raverer mind. Hotpants, leg warmers, trouses, bra's, urber, basques, coats and skirts..

Rakoworld, the urban fashion spot where NY and Tokyo meet. Featuring men & womens clothing lines. Rako also serves as a launch pad for underground musicians.

Zoo York
Zoo continues to explore the streets of New York City, through the Holland tunnel and around the world. It's an experience and a way of life, its a product of those who created it and for those who live it. This is Zoo York.

King Under Apparel
Homepage for UK urban clothing label king under apparal - undergarments, accessories, ladies underwear, urban clothing, street wear, street clothing, and hip hop clothing.

Sturban Clothing.com
Sturban mixes it with streetwear, urban clothing, graffiti styles, surf and skate clothes plus organic and hip hop clothing brands all in one great online shop

Triple 5 Soul
555 - Triple Five Soul urban clothing and apparel, accessories, denim bottoms, denim jackets, denim, outerwear, pants, shirts & sweaters.

Evisu Clothing
The official home of Evisu - Evisu clothing brand was formally born in Osaka, Japan in 1991 by the founder, and still the owner, of Evisu is Hidehiko Yamane. check the site out for the latest street and highstreet fashions.

Ecko Red
Culturally relevant urban street, hip hop clothing line. Established in 1993, men's, women's & kids hoodies, g unit apparel, leather jackets, sunglasses, sportswear, shoes, bags, jewelry, eyewear and more designed by Marc Ecko.

Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze - Brings you the latest in hip hop, urban and streetware fashion.

Hot Gear
Hot Gear offers DJ Clothing and Clubbing Clothes. Check out the range of clothing and accessories for DJs, DJing, Disc Jockeys, Clubbers, Bands, Drunks or anything music. T-shirt designs by DJs for DJs.

Tribal Gear
Break dancing / hip hop clothing label & accessories. Headware, markers, tips, books, videos & magazines. [Flash Site]

Akademiks clothing label specializing urban wear and accessories.

Hemp Clothing
Urban streetwear clothing label using hemp as a base fabric. Hooded tops, sweaters, beanies, caps and visors.

Phat Farm
Phat Farm urban clothing label led by the vision of Russell Simmons, the founder of the modern day hip-hop movement, Phat Fashions has developed into a symbol of contemporary American culture – a mixture of the hip-hop culture of the streets and the preppy culture of the Ivy League. Urban Clothing, street wear American flava .

Urban fashion clothing from Rocafella Records. - Rocawear clothing, part owned by CEO of Def Jams records and hip hop artist Jay Z. Purchase, mens, womens, boys & girls hoddies, loungware, jackets, accessories and limited edition items such as dvds & cds.

Baby Phat
Kimora Lee Simmons aspirational hip hop urban lifestyle clothing line for young women. Footwear, pants, tees, jumpsuits & accessories. Site has Store locator and gift card options available.

Sir Benni Miles
Sir Benni miles clothing label. Spring summer collection 06 - Drum and bass 69 collection soon out in the uk

Journeys is your destination for funky, hip, cool street wear and urban apparel. They have got the hottest brands and the latest styles! Check out the latest collection of athletic sneakers, boots, shoes, sandals, clogs, t-shirts, handbags & accessories.

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